Big Bend National Park Gravel Grinding

A week riding backcountry gravel roads on the border of the United States and Mexico. Big Bend National Park is an ideal setting for a desert gravel getaway. 

Widely known for it's epic road riding, we will veer off the tarmac and explore the expansive network of gravel roads that Big Bend National Park has to offer. Beginning in Study Butte-Terlingua, we will spend a few days riding east through the park towards Rio Grande Village. On day three we will enjoy an epic backcountry gravel ride along the Rio Grande and US/Mexican border. 

Two nights camping in the village will allow for some daily gravel rides straight from camp. At the end of the week we will make our way back across the park towards the Chisos Basin. Our final morning we will pack up the van and head back towards El Paso for an afternoon drop off. 


This gravel tour includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation from El Paso, Texas to Big Bend National Park.

  • All meals

  • All camping

  • Van support, daily gear transportation 

  • Indoor lodging can be arranged while in Rio Grande Village and Chisos Basin for an additional fee. 



Early April in Big Bend National Park offers the perfect weather for days gravel grinding in the sun. An average temperature in the mid 70's and mid 50's at night the weather will provide comfortable temperature for pedaling and sleeping. 

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When:11/14/21 - 11/19/21
Where: Study Butte, Texas

The Nitty-Gritty

Average Daily Miles: 38 - 40

Elevation Profile:

Big Bend.png