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Bicycle Rentals

Spotted Dog is excited to offer a variety of Marin and Esker Cycles bicycles to those who participate in our tours. Rental bikes and gear are also available at our Missoula location.

Marin NIcasio


Built with a comfortable steel frame and equipped with wider tires, the Nicasio, is the perfect bike for exploring Montana's gravel roads and bike trails. But, this bike doesn't fall short on the road. The 700c wheels and drop handlebars give the Nicasio the edge it needs for those long days on pavement. 

$10/hour, $35/day, $120/week

Marin Stinson

If you are looking for a way to get around town and enjoy the views, while spending a leisurely day in the saddle the, Marin Stinson, is the bike for you. The upright riding position will help provide a comfortable, stress-free day of pedaling. 

$10/hour, $35/day, $120/week


Marin Pine Mountain

The Marin Pine Mountain is a bit of a swiss-army knife. It's steel frame, 29x2.6 inch tires, and copious mounting points make the bike an efficient backpacking rig. The Pine Mountain is no slouche on the trails either. Updated geometry and a RockShox airfork make it a capable machine for a day out on your favorite single track.

$10/hour, $35/day, $120/week

Esker Hayduke

Designed to be a capable trail bike with the blood of a true bikepacking rig, the Hayduke can get you just about anywhere. The 27.5+ platform allows the rider to navigate washed out roads and overgrown trails with ease. Equipped with a dropper seatpost and a 1x12 drivetrain the Hayduke won't let you down when the trail gets technical. 

$10/hour, $40/day, $150/week

Esker Elkat

Featuring the Orion suspension design the Elkat is a snappy trail bike that is widely applauded for its uphill and downhill capabilities. Based out of Columbia Falls, Montana this bike is built for the mountains. The carbon fiber frame and 27.5 wheels make for a stiff and stable ride. To find out more about the Elkat and the Orion suspensions check out this Blister review. 

Availability is limited please call the shop.

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