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At Spotted Dog we realize that everyone has a different idea of fun when it comes to vacation. We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors and so we offer everything from self contained backcountry tours to van supported tours where all nights are spent indoors. Whether you feel more at ease sleeping under the stars or tucked in bed we have the adventure for you.

"Cycl(ists) see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizen. A good bicycle, well applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to." 


Dr K. K. Doty

19th century New Yorker and cycling evangelist

Mixed Surfaces, Mixed Slumbers

Zion National Park

Touring with Spotted Dog Cycles will lead you to many unique and memorable places. You will find that we love to keep things interesting and exciting. We tend to provide a good mix of terrain. You will generally find yourself cycling on paved roads, bike paths, and gravel roads.

Unless otherwise specified nights on our tours can be anywhere from Airbnb’s, bed and breakfasts’, camping, hostels, or local hotels. We understand that adventure doesn’t always mean sleeping on the ground. At Spotted Dog staying at the perfect campsite under the stars is a must but we also appreciate the comfort of a soft bed and a pillow after a long day in the saddle. When choosing overnight accommodations for our tours we strive to support members of the local communities that we pedal through.

bed to Bed
HI Santa Monica Hostel

We don’t call it a typical Inn to Inn bike tour because, well, sometimes we may not be staying in typical accommodations. We absolutely love to support local businesses and this is reflected in where we choose to spend the night. On our tours you'll most likely stay in well-vetted hostels more often than hotels.

Our bed to bed tours will commonly run in a self-supported format. Unless otherwise specified, the rider will carry all their own gear each day. These tours require smaller packs as tents and camping equipment aren’t needed. If you are looking to sleep comfortably but still enjoy the thrill of the trail these are the tours for you. 

Fully Loaded
Bike touring

In the bike shop and touring community the term fully loaded is often used to describe a rather self, sufficient touring bike. Fully loaded tours will require the riders and guides to carry their own gear.


At Spotted Dog we believe dividing the load makes everyone happier. So, any gear shared by the group at camp will also be shared on the bike. Many of our tours will be offered both fully loaded or van supported. 


Our bikepacking tours are meant to get the rider out of the comfort of town and into some epic landscapes. These adventurous backcountry tours are generally fully loaded. The gear needed for a backcountry tour will vary from our road tours and as a group we will carry food and cooking essentials.


Our guides at Spotted Dog love local roasted coffee, craft beers and of course, the occasional burrito. So, you may find that these rugged and wild routes meander through small towns every couple of days for an espresso, hoppy beer, or tortilla refuel. If you are interested in spending time on the backroads or at a secluded campsite look for our bikepacking tours.

Montana Bikepacking
Van Supported

Fill up your water bottles, strap on your day pack, and let er rip. Van supported tours allow you to ride uninhibited from all your gear. Some take advantage of this freedom by blazing ahead and breaking Strava records while others prefer to take in the local views casually meandering unrestricted. Whatever you prefer our Spotted Dog van has your back. Many of our tours run van supported or fully loaded so make sure you read the fine print if you are looking to live that sweet van life.