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Keeping things Delicious and Sustainable

What's Cooking?


At Spotted Dog we know that for many bike touring is about more than just riding your bike. For us, one of the most important "extras" is the food. With owners and guides who have backgrounds in the food and beverage world, those who tour with us will experience some excellent trail side meals. 

Nights that we cook and dine in camp expect to see a wide variety of flavors, dishes, and cuisines. When possible meals will be prepared with local, fresh ingredients. Just because our accommodations may be more primitive does not mean our meals need to be.


If we have access to a store or market daily expect fresh food daily. If your backcountry tour limits shopping trips you'll be surprised at the efforts taken by your guides to continue our gourmet trend. 

When we choose to eat at an establishment you better believe we aim to keep things as delicious as our camp meals. When at all possible Spotted Dog will introduce you to locally owned restaurants, stands, or food trucks. Local favorites are a must!

Who is Cooking?

On our inn to inn tours we will most often eat packed lunches on the road and dinner at a local establishment. We do our best to stay in accommodations that offer a hot breakfast each morning otherwise we find one.

If you find yourself on a van-supported tour your guides will provide the cooking expertise. Afternoon snacks and refreshments will be waiting as you roll into camp. Our trailside dinners are a must when touring with us. 

As each tour is different be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions about the specific cooking process. If you want to check out some of our go-to meals don't hesitate to ask!

What about the environment?

Spotted Dog Cycles takes environmentally friendly business practices very seriously. When on tour our goal is to dispose of trash and recycling as sustainably as possible. If needed we will haul both to appropriate facilities to do so. During backcountry tours all tour participants and staff will practice Leave No Trace principles. 

When at all possible staff will purchase locally grown or raised groceries from markets and local vendors for daily meals. 

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