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Pacific Northwest Islands - Van Supported

Enjoy a week of pedaling through lush forests and salty air. A bicycle tour full of ferry rides and island hopping will introduce or reacquaint you to the Pacific Northwest. 

Join us for an evening in Seattle and then set sail the next morning for your maritime adventure. You will pedal through beautiful Kitsap County on your way to vibrant Port Townsend. From here you will make your way to the San Juan Islands where you'll spend a couple days enjoying this truly special archipelago. 

Make sure to bring you passport! From San Juan Island the group will catch a ferry to Vancouver Island. Here you'll enjoy an evening in Historic Downtown Victoria. Then, on the road again up the eastern shore of Vancouver Island for a few more days of pedaling. The tour will wrap up back on the mainland in Vancouver, British Columbia. Those who chose to go island hopping with us are in for a positively unique experience.


This tour includes two indoor stays, one in Seattle and the other in Victoria. All meals are included and camp cooking responsibilities will be divided up between the group. As most may have expected there will be multiple ferry rides on this island-centric tour. All ferry tickets are included with the tour package. 



This fully loaded tour contains a few days of shorter miles so, make sure to slow things down and stop for some sightseeing, coffee, or a local beer! The Pacific Northwest is known for it's rainy conditions but, September and October tend to be sunny and beautiful.

Keep in mind we will be in Canada the last few days so, don't forget your passport! 


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When: Postponed
Where: Seattle, WA, USA
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