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Utah Scenic Backcountry: San Rafael Swell

Enjoy miles of rugged roads and trails in the remote, martian-esque beauty of the San Rafael Swell and Goblin Valley State Park.
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Southern Utah is a playground of slick rock, red-rock, gravel, and epic vistas. In the vast open space that is the San Rafael Swell you'll find yourself away from the Moab crowds and into unique, secluded territory. This desert landscape makes for a perfect bikepacking adventure. 

In our introduction to bikepacking tour you will learn the many facets of bikepacking that will help you comfortably and safely tour by bike in the backcountry. We will spend the first two days doing "classroom" work. In these small seminar style courses we will cover topics like navigation, packing your bike, backcountry safety, and the ever-so-important component, food and nutrition. You'll have a chance to get hands on help setting up and optimizing your bikepacking rig before taking a few test laps on the mountain bike trails in Goblin Valley State Park. 

After the introduction wraps up we will spend two nights out in the San Rafael Swell. Our route will start and conclude at our camp in Goblin Valley. The the adventure level will most certainly be high but, the daily mileage will be manageable by all. This three day bikepack trip is meant to help you learn to travel as a group and individually. Our goal for this course is not only to give you the skills needed to succeed but also help you leave Utah with a feeling of confidence in your ability to bikepack on your own. 

  • Shuttle from SLC 

  • Camping

  • Meals, trail snacks



Pack for all conditions! Sure, southern Utah is in the desert but the area witnesses all sorts of weather. Fall days are typically warm and sunny but, the evenings can dip down into the twenties. The proper clothing and camping gear is a must. 

When: TBA
Where: Emery County , UT
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